Why do we need to compress images?

The reasons why do we need to compress images

What is compression?

In the field of Image processing, the compression of images is an important step before we start the processing of larger images or videos.

The compression of images is carried out by an encoder and outputs a compressed form of an image.


Reasons for Compressing Images

SEO Ranking

Google search engines rate web pages based on loading speeds. Therefore, the less weight the images have, the higher the web’s score and the more good position we will have.


Reduce the file size

The most important advantage of compressing images is to reduce the file size. Depending on the type of file you are compressing, you can continuously compress the image until it is the size you need.


Avoid bounces

The web page goes like a turtle and, therefore, takes a long time to load, generating a very high bounce rate.

We already know that patience is not our strong suit, and users leave the page when they are slow to access the content. And we don’t want to lose users due to slow loading!


How to Compress Images

  1. Use Image Compressor Online Tool
  2. Select the image you want to compress
  3. Click on "Compress Image" button

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