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This tool is a smart, fast, and easy-to-use online tool to convert texts to slugs. It is built to generate search engine friendly and user-friendly URL slugs

Creating slugs for domain names is a great way to turn common phrases into searchable SEO-friendly domain names. You can try multiple methods of using plain text to generate URL-friendly domain names and permalinks.

Slugifying is a common practice to get a short, unique, web-friendly word from a phrase or name. WordPress slug URLs are used within WordPress to create unique permalink URLs for each post and page.


What is a URL slug?

A URL slug is a part that comes at the very end of a URL and is the exact address of a specific page on your website. For example - in https://bhutanio.com/campaign-url-builder URL, "campaign-url-builder" is a slug.

Composing a short but descriptive slug for a URL of the web page can positively affect your page's SEO.


Why are slugs important for SEO?

Slugs can improve your site's SEO rankings. This is because of the following reasons:

1. Slugs allows you to include your keywords in URL

2. Makes the URLs human-readable


How to use better slugs

1. Keep it simple and short. But it should be descriptive.

2. Always use lower cases (this makes it more readable and easy to remember). 

3. Don't forget to include your target keywords. 


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