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Rotate image files if they are upside-down to any degree you want. Additionally, mirror pictures either vertically or horizontally. All online & for free!


How to rotate image online free

To rotate pictures in BhutanIOWebTools is a piece of cake. Here is what you should do to rotate images online:

  1. Open an image from your computer that you want to rotate

  2. Click Clockwise or Counter Clockwise based on your requirement

  3. Keep clicking this button to tilt the photo until the necessary orientation

  4. Download your modified pic or share it online


The tool is completely free and it would take only a few clicks to reach your requirement. 


Once your image is rotated to the necessary orientation, it is ready to appear wherever you need it.


With this tools suite, there are other image editing tools too. These tools would assist you in achieving image editing without installing heavy software like Photoshop.


Perfect Quality

The best online image rotator to rotate your image, clockwise or counterclockwise at the highest quality.


Lightning Fast

This cloud-hosted, highly scalable tool can rotate your images within seconds!


Easy to Use

Simply drag and drop. It's as easy as that!


Works Anywhere

BhutanIOWebTools is browser-based (no software to install). It works on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac).



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Kuzu Zangpo la! I am Sonam Dargay. I am a full-time software developer. Apart from 9-5 office works, I am a tech enthusiast, blogger, and dreamer. I graduated from the College of Science and Technology(CST), affiliated with the Royal University of Bhutan.

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